Petard Games is making 4 DLCs for Car Mechanic Simulator 2018

6 August 2021


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Wheeler Dealers – CMS18 DLC

Licensed and based on popular British TV series – where renovation and tune are on the agenda – ‘Wheeler Dealers’. DLC adds to the game realistically mapped, with a care for the smallest details workshop directly from the popular show.


Hot-Rod Custom Cars – CMS18 DLC

Classic, famous cars like the first Ford (like Ford A) model are still popular. In addition, those cars are custom upgraded and tuned to have a better performance. DLC adds to the game 5 brand-new cars inspired by hot-rod models from 40′ to 60′ golden era years.


USA Classic 60′ – CMS18 DLC

Over 40 or even 50 years ago motorisation in the USA had a golden era (to be precise, one of few). No matter if you’re in love with Cadillacs, trucks, or cabriolet, you will find unique models from the past in this DLC. DLC adds to the game 5 brand-new classic cars from the USA 60′ era.



Vans & Campers – CMS18 DLC

If you remember the ‘A-Team’ TV series or you can remind from your memories any Volkswagen T1 upgraded for camper-like functionality, you’re at the home. DLC adds 5 the most iconic vans and campers of all-time to the game.

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